Basalt Column Rocks, Iceland

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Basalt Rocks, Iceland : Canon 5D : EF17-40mm f/4L USM (40mm): 1/125 sec : f10 : Cokin ND 3 graduated filters 

Although I have shot this scene a number of times previously, I had yet to include the basalt columns that greet you as you first enter the beach. Previously they had been dry and did not show off their unique geometric structure. On the day of this shot, it had been raining and their structure was on full display.

The particular challenge in this shot was to ensure that I retained the shadow detail in the basalt rocks, while still keeping the detail in the clouds. This required the use of a relatively strong graduated filter. Unfortunately, due to the rain, I spent as much time wiping the water droplets off the front filter as I did composing the shot. I guess you cannot have everything, as I needed the rain for the rocks