East Anglia Online Photography Workshop


Including the dramatic and varied coastlines of Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk, the East Anglian workshop comprises a number of highly varied and stunning locations. From the Staithes of Norfolk such as Burnham, the geological treasures of Hunstanton beach and the windswept sea defence beaches of Happisburgh the photographic oportunities will be clearly and creatively described. For Suffolk, the well-preseved piers and harbours of Southwold and Bawdsey will be covered. Finally, for Essex, the visual treasures of locations such as Cobold’s Point and the Dovercourt Lighthouses are described and examined for their creative photographic potential. For each of the locations, detailed access information, guidance on the choices of shooting options and their impact on composition as well as how to optimise in-camera settings at each location will be discussed. During the workshop, David will make extensive reference to the use of pre-visualisation techniques to help photographers build on the quality and breadth of their fine art and long-exposure portfolios.


PARTICIPATION: Online. Zoom. Maximum 6 participants

COST: 85 GBP, 97 EUROS, 110 USD

BOOKING: For more information and availability e.mail [email protected]