ND Awards 2020 (III)


Canon EOS 5D Mark III, EOS EF70-200mm f/10L, 1/200 ISO 400.

The first photographs I saw of Iceland was Vik church in the mist. That image has stayed with me ever since and became symbolic of my love for Iceland. Last year was my first trip and the impact of seeing Vik church was exhilarating, if not overwhelming. I had been dreaming of coming to Iceland for so long.

Unfortunately, last year at that time it was an unusually sunny day. Whilst I took literally hundreds of Vik church, they never really captured for me the feeling evoked by that first photograph. However, on my second trip, I was rewarded (if that is the right expression) with an approaching storm. I was going to get my image of Vik church in the mist after all.