ND Awards 2018


Detifoss waterfall in Iceland is an awe-inspiring spectacle of nature. However to capture its beauty you need to make a number of critical image capture decisions. I chose monochrome with long exposure and a dark featureless sky to enhance the unique characteristics of water when it is taken on a long exposure, in this case, two seconds at f8.0.

The choice of exposure has a dramatic effect on the texture of the water as it flows. Whilst 10-30 seconds can create interesting effects, a two seconds exposure retains its visual characteristics. I used a number of filters in capturing the shot. Firstly two Cokin Nuances ND filters and a grad filter to achieve the dark sky. The greatest challenge of the shot was to constantly wipe the front of the lens to present the spray from building up during the shot. A heavy metal Manfrotto tripod ensured a steady camera in high winds and difficult ground terrain.