Bridge Across the Lava Plateau, Iceland

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As you travel on the ring road north out of Vik, the landscape becomes increasingly barren. By car, you have to navigate a series of narrow bridges, all of which look similar and are generally only wide enough for one car in any direction to be on the bridge at any one time.

In summer the landscape even in sunshine can appear bleak. In winter (I have not been here in winter yet) it must feel incredibly barren and isolating.

This image was taken in June when heavy rainfall had swelled the rivers, rendering them ideal for long exposure photography. For this particular shot, I used both a neutral density and graduated filter. Unfortunately the clouds were too dense and distracting. Despite my best effects to tone them down, in the final edit, I replaced the sky in order to simplify the final image.

Meanwhile, despite its attractive structure, the bridge also presented challenges. It was over complex in its construction and had a series of pipes running across the length of the bridge. To rectify this I re-drew the bottom half of the bridge to create a more simple and minimalist composition.

Finally to create the final high key effect, I used a series of Photoshop adjustment layers, incorporating light greys into the overall image using several Photoshop blend modes.